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Little girl snatches Pope Francis' skullcap

"Skippy" the cat had head stuck inside peanut butter jar

Islamic television station in Senegal blames saboteur for airing *** ***

New footage shows President Hoover and family in color

Romeo And Juliet Born In Same Hospital Just Hours Apart

Calif. dog owner fights to reclaim pit bulls that killed a man and his pet

New Zealand fisherman 'trembling' during great white shark encounter

Va. woman showing friend how to play lotto game wins $1M

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Hilarious Trump-Inspired Children's Books

Kristi Yamaguchi Just Tweeted At Nancy Kerrigan In The Most Unfortunate Way

It’s Full Speed Ahead For Titanic Dives, Tour Companies Say

San Francisco woman dies after drinking toxic tea

Gwyneth Paltrow Won't Eat Octopuses Because They're So Smart, And She Has A Point

Biologists find surprising variability in courtship behaviors of wolf spiders

Curious cougar walks up to resident's door, bares teeth at window

10 Comics That Will Speak To You If You're Totally Sick Of Dating

Record-breaking 76,017 domino 'circle bomb' toppled in Michigan

Heart tissue grown on spinach leaves

'Snake On A Plane' Just Happened In Real Life

Japanese town offering discount funerals for seniors who give up driving

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