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Fifth-grader asks police dept. for help with homework

Crowdsourcing effort helps researchers predict how a molecule will smell

Wisconsin county wants 'Pokemon Go' to pay for use of parks

Sighing: Neurobiologists hasten to catch up with psychologists

Florida college student grades ex-girlfriend's apology letter, gives it a D-

Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims

Student Grades Ex's Apology Letter

What happens in Area 51? Insider spills beans on mysterious top-secret base

Donald Trump Superfan's TV Interview Gets Remixed To Eminem's 'Stan'

Hero waitress drags massive lizard out of restaurant by the tail

The Tiny Donald Trump Meme Just Got Taken To The Next Level

Aussies Are Shunning Bunnies And Embracing The Easter Bilby Instead

Teenager wakes up suddenly on his way to his own funeral

Police remind people not to open their doors to ‘unfamiliar cattle’

Judge describes man in divorce case as ‘unattractive witness’ who tried to ‘bully the court’

Diminutive college basketball star defying the odds

Student Grades Ex's Apology Letter

Apocalypse NOW: End of the world upon us and 2017 will be our FINAL YEAR, say Christians

Someone Just Bought Hitler's Personal Phone For $243,000

I'm Married To A Divorce Attorney. This Is What Our Marriage Is Like

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