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TOWERS OF MARS: Three 'mile-high buildings found in a row on the Red Planet'

Pornhub's New Christmas Ad Sure Arouses Some Strong Feelings

8 Things People Who've Been In Open Marriages Wish You Understood

Dino-Chickens Are Coming Within Our Lifetime

These Photos Of A City Ruled By Deer Are Magical

Diver encounters nurse shark with rare 'patchy' coloration

Mechanic finds small bird hiding in SUV's engine air filter

112-year-old Nepal woman says she's been smoking for 95 years

Dog pulls off savage tackle in game of backyard football

Tom Hardy Lost A Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio And Now Has To Get The Worst Tattoo

Sea lion jumps onto moving speedboat to beg for fish

Jeep tows snowboarder through Ontario city streets

Santa Fat-Shames Boy By Saying 'Lay Off The Hamburgers And French Fries'

World's first permanent ice hotel to open in Sweden

New discovery may lead to the development of super premium gasoline

The Squirrel Whisperer of Penn State University

Remains of three whole deer found inside Florida python's stomach

Boxer Throws Table At Opponent During Bonkers Press Conference

Partnership at a distance: Deep-frozen helium molecules illuminate quantum-mechanical tunnelling

Therapy pig to meet with passengers at San Francisco airport

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